For votes: ANC bought R30 chicken feet to boast about supporting local economy on video

ANC top dawgs went to a township and took a video of themselves buying R30 chicken feet to boast about how they are supporting local economy and people should vote for ANC 😪😪

A video of high profile ANC officials has been making rounds on social media where the officials are seen with chicken feet which they bought from a local street vendor in Ennerdale, South of Johannesburg. 

In the video the ANC big wigs are seen boasting about how they are supporting local economy. 
The woman who sold them the chicken feet (pictured above) was contacted and upon investigations, it was discovered that they only bought chicken feet worth R30. And then they staged a video acting as if they support local small businesses just so they can get votes from unsuspecting voters.

Most people have taken to social media to slam what these ANC fat cats did. Saying if vele they support local economy why didn't they help the woman grow her Business by buying her chickens so that she can sell full chicken Instead of just chicken feet. 

Or even buy the struggling mom equipment or shelter so that she can be sheltered during rainy days and hot days while braaing her chicken feet.

What are your thoughts?

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