"Give that R500 to Peulwane"- Angry baby mama tells Monada who refused to increase child support

King Monada's angry baby mama Sharon Masia finally spoke out after King Monada refused to increase their son's child support from R500 to R1200.

Masia recently asked King Monada to increase his 11years old son's papgeld but the star refused and then Masia took the start to court. That's when King Monada showed up in court with a team of lawyers who defended him on his statement that he can only afford to pay R500 for his child support, which he has been paying for 11years.

The angry Masia then took to social media to express her disappointment in King Monada who had to bring lawyers just to avoid supporting his own child.

She took to social media and told King Monada to take that R500 and give it to Peulwane because she would rather rely on sassa until she gets a job.
A lot of females have been supporting Sharon on her quest to get Monada to increase the child support money.

But some of King Monada's fans say that maybe the star does everything for the child himself because he lives only a block away and the R500 is just a cherry on top.

One of King Monada's fans said "artists are not making much money this time around. It would be best if Monada just went and took his child to live with him."

What are your thoughts? Are you with King or are you with Shaz?

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