Prince Kaybee's side chick exposes him for cheating. Screenshots and 🍆picture posted

Hazel who was been Prince Kaybee's side chick for 5 years has exposed the South African music producer for cheating on his girlfriend Zolani and even provided explicit proof of the affair.

Prince Kaybee took his girlfriend Zolani to meet his mother and ever since then, Prince Kaybee has been posting pictures of the couple doing almost everything together.

Perhaps the never ending pictures of Prince Kaybee and Zola are the reason why Hazel decided to go public with her affair with Prince Kaybee. A lot of people were shocked by the revelation because everyone had put Kabelo and Zola up there as couple goals.

The side chick shared screenshots of intimate chats between herself and Prince Kaybee. In one of the screenshots, Prince Kaybee asks Hazel for one round "raw" without protection. This angered many fans because by hitting it raw he is putting his partner's health at risk. Very inconsiderate of him we agree. See Screenshot below.

Initially Prince Kaybee tried to deny the accusations even though screenshots were shared. Prince Kaybee tried to downplay the situation, saying the screenshots were incomplete and this was infact Eurica, a costume designer and not Hazel. See below.

But then Hazel took it further and shared an intimate picture of Prince Kaybee where Prince Kaybee was showing her his pipe! See Screenshot below.

After Hazel shared the screenshot where Prince Kaybee was showing off his pipe, Prince Kaybee realised that the evidence against him was very compelling and he confessed then apologized to everyone affected.

See apology below.

Since Prince Kaybee was found with his pants down, tweeps found it very ionic how he threw shade at Black Coffee when Black Coffee was also found to be cheating on his wife which led to their divorce.
But as always, South Africans find humour in everything and Kabelo's situation was no exception. South African men have applauded Prince Kaybee and invited him to be the keynote speaker in this year's Men Conference so that he can advise the rest of the men on how he managed to keep a side chick for 5 years without getting caught.

One twitter user said Prince Kaybee posted his girlfriend Zolani all the time so as to throw off any suspicions and cheat in peace. And we have to say, it kinda makes sense.

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