Stop GBV - Man shares how he abused his wife and she protected him because she loved him

People laughed and some even said negative things because they have egos to ask for help and some of them have anger issues that need to be addressed quickly. We can't act as everything is right when things are not. This issue of GBV is too much and if people who have problems don't start to talk and free themselves from this situation our country will end up without any woman, because they are being killed and abused everyday.

I think man must start to talk about their problems I'm no longer supporting the saying that says man are sheeps they don't cry. How will you get help if you are not crying. I know that many of us comes from broken families where our mothers were being abused by our fathers and some of us we were abused and we never told anyone about it. I know its hunting us, our fathers controlled everything and we adopted that life.

Our mothers did not have any say and we are using the same system to our wife's and girlfriends which is wrong, to be treating our women like this. I was abused and I never told anyone about it and I grown up with the secret that made to treat women bad. Because I was taking revenge on wrong people and it destroyed me emotionally.

I had lot of anger because of it and I abused my wife for many years because I wanted to satisfy my anger. Her problem was to love me and she protected me because she thought I won't do it again but i kept on doing it and recently I realised that I needed help. I'm glad i took the first step its not easy and I will do it. I am creating a new man who is going to be responsible, I'm letting go of the past and I'm creating a new chapter of my life.

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