Uncle Vinny and Major League are coming to Medingen Lifestyle Centre

Ever since the establishment of Medingen Lifestyle Centre, the village of Medingen has never been the same. Villagers are now experiencing a type of vibe that they would only get in Pretoria or in Jozi.

It's going to be another litty night at Medingen Lifestyle Centre with Uncle Vinny and Major League on the 11th of June 2021.

It's the first annual ultimate experience. Basically every year there will be an ultimate experience at Medingen Lifestyle Centre and big artists will always be there to entertain, and this year it starts with Major League and Uncle Vinny.

Uncle Vinny has been trending none stop as of late and we never thought in our wildest dreams that he would come to any village in Limpopo. But Medingen Lifestyle Centre is bringing him to Medingen village.

Early bird tickets are already available at shell garage in kgapane and at Medingen Lifestyle Centre. Early bird tickets are cheaper compared to when you buy a ticket at the gate during the night of the event.

For those that want to attend the event but have no transport means. Do not worry, PickUp Cab will be available all night on the 11th of June. Just download PickUp Cab from Google play Store and request a cab anytime.

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