16 and 19 June - It's a party Mphenama with Prince Benza and CK from Double Trouble

Every year right around Youth Day it's a party at Mphenama which is now known as City Jones Business Centre. And this year is no different.

Many years have gone by and the club has changed it's name morethan once but one thing has remained the same, the tradition still stands. Every year we all come together to celebrate Youth Day at Mphenama. 

This year's celebration will be on the 16th and the 19th of June on a Saturday. Yes, it's a double celebration this year.
For entertainment, on the 16th they have lined up Dj Condrat, Dj Killa Knox, Dj Mike, Dj Telephonic, Dj Kundas and maBrino Drumboys. Then on the 19th they have lined up Prince Benza, CK the Dj from Double Trouble, Patmedina and the club's residential Djs.

City Jones Business Centre will be giving away VIP tickets to a few lucky winners. To win yourself a ticket, download the poster below and share it on your WhatsApp status. And then screenshot your WhatsApp status and post it on your Facebook and tag City Jones Business Centre - Mphenama. The screenshot which has more WhatsApp status views wins.
Another way to win a ticket is to share this article on Facebook and tag City Jones Business Centre - Mphenama.

Winners will be announced on the Facebook page of City Jones Business Centre.

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